July 09, 2020
humanist sans & garalde oldstyle

texta & caslon

Laura Méndez  |  

When selecting typefaces for a project, Laura Méndez, the Creative Directress at Menta Studio in Guadalajara, Mexico aims for balance when creating a typographic selection. She illustrates that selecting typography is a “very artful and intuitive part of design”, where experience and a well trained eye helps a lot.

Here are some tips Laura shared:

When selecting a pair for contrast, for instance a sans serif and a serif, aim for contrast where they do not compete with each other. Aim for legibility that creates visual interest.

If you’re designing for an identity project it’s feasible to use a singular typeface. Play with its different weights, small caps, tracking and size. Doing so helps to bring a sense of variety within the same typographic composition.

All in all, follow the brief and ask yourself many questions, such as: Is the brand a classic? Is it modern with hints of femininity? All of these elements play when observing specific characters within a font, like the single letter a, o, m, n. Try to look with fresh eyes every time and observe these features.

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